Bowe Systec 310S Cutter – 103122089011A

The Bowe Systec 310 has set standards in the cutting of continuous forms for years. Increased performance means an increase of up to 40% in cutting speed. This will be appreciated above all by industry concerns and institutions who must process a very high quantity of forms in a short period of time.

The Bowe Systec 310S has increased performance while retaining proven Bowe Systec 310 technology.

The cutter model 310S impresses thanks to its reliable processing, expandability and versatility:

– The feed-graduation can be switched between 1/6″ and 1/8″ steps.

– DIN formats can be programmed corresponding to DIN tolerance.

– The cutting speed is adjustable for processing various materials.

Thanks to the strip cut, perforated edges can be cut out with 100% certainty.

– One or more center slitters allow continuous webs printed in multiple columns to be processed.

– Depending on requirements, a dropping or conveyor stacker are available as options.

– With optical mark recognition (OMR) the Bowe Systec 310S becomes a versatile cutter. The OMR recognizes the control marks made by the printer.

Operator friendliness thanks to an ergonomically designed operating panel.

Through consistent development the Bowe Systec 310S fulfills the highest demands on operator friendliness. Standard formats are pre-programmed and called up in a matter of seconds. A total of 41 different formats can be stored. A clearly laid out operating console shows the current operating status at all times.

Safety is given priority.

The safety of all operators is ensured by covers on all moving parts. A transparent safety and sound proofing cover on the indeed area of the cutter provides noise reduction and allows continual optical monitoring of the cutting process.

Bowe Systec 310S Specifications:

Standard Equipment.

– Adjustable speed
– Central width adjustment
– Center slitter
– Margin trimmer
– Chopper for margin strips
– Long-life blade 80 degrees
– Fine adjustment of cutting position
– Microprocessor control
– Memory for 41 jobs
– Multi-format programs
– Automatic stand-by
– Transparent and hinged protective cover
– Stacking table
– Waste paper bin

Connected Loads.

– Voltage: 230V +/- 10%
– Single Phase AC: 50/60 Hz
– Power Input: 440w
– Heat Emission: 440J/S

Dimensions and Length.

– Length w/Standard Stacker: 910mm
– Width: 944mm
– Height: 1,063mm
– Weight: 155kg

Paper formats.

– Form width (input): 90 – 510mm
– Form width (output): 70 – 470mm
– Margin trim: 10 – 25mm
– Margin trim optional: up to 35mm
– Form height: 2″ – 17″
– Form height optional: up to 30″
– Form height adjustable in steps of 1/6″ or 1/8″
– Height of cross strips: 1/6″ to 9/6″.
– Format height when using a standard stacking table: 2 1/2″ to 13″
– Format height when using a dropping stacker: 3″ to 17″
– Format height when using a conveyor stacker: 2 2/6″ to 13″

Paper weight.

– Single Web: 40 – 170 g/m2
– Multiple forms set: 90 – 200 g/m2