Bourg BSF 26″ Sheet Feeder – 071520093950

Bourg BSF 26″ Sheet Feeder

Sheet Feeder Description

For customers hesitating between Off-Line and In-Line finishing, C.P. Bourg offers the best of both worlds with the Dual-Mode Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF). It allows multiple printers/presses to share one finishing device. Positioned In-Line between a printer/press and the finishing equipment, the BSF allows digital and offset print shops with different printers to easily shift and/or merge job production using the Dual-Mode (by shifting between In-Line and Off-Line/Near-Line modes), achieving productivity increases while maintaining integrity of collated output.

The BSF consists of two feeding stations which allows for a wide range of applications and flexibility. Thanks to the innovative air-table design, the lower feeding station has the capacity to accept a trolley fully stacked with collated sets of paper directly from a Canon/Océ, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Xerox, etc. trolley/cart/pallet. No manual transfer of heavy stacks of collated paper sets from stacker carts to a sheet feeder is required. The cart/trolley is easily inserted in the machine. This results in increased productivity and reduces the risk of damaged sheets, stacking errors and personal injuries.

The top feeding station has the capacity to load up to 140 mm (5.51 in) of printed papers, laminated or coated materials. The paper is then fed using suction belt and air separation technology, enabling high feeding speeds of up to 18,000 sheets/hour even when media is waved or curled.

The BSF is the only one in its category capable of handling a wide range of media sizes from 203,2 x 120 mm (8 x 4.72 in) to 660,4 x 364 mm (26 x 14.33 in): the perfect complement to most digital printers/presses.

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