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Bourg Book Factory 2005 – 111820080520

C.P. Bourg In-Line perfect binders are fully automated and may be used both in Off-Line and In-line modes in order to create a productive and flexible solution. For customers hesitating between Off-Line and In-line finishing, C.P. Bourg is offering the best of both worlds with the dual mode finishing solution. Placed In-Line between a printer and the finishing equipment, the dual mode Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSFE-x) enables the In-Line finishing to process jobs from other printers. The BBF2005 sets the standard in In-Line perfect binding. Additionally a CEM Docucutt and a perforate-rotate-fold unit (BPRFx) can drastically increase productivity by transforming A3 sheets into A5 books (4 up productions). In order to complete this automated solution, a CMT330 In-line configuration can provide the final 3-side trimming. Whether you are a professional or an institution, find the perfect binding solution that matches the needs of your business today.

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  • The standard In-Line application – where sheets flow through the BSFE-x and into the C.P. Bourg Finishing. (The BSFE-x can also insert content such as covers)
  • The printer may send its output into a stacker while the BSFE-x feeds other jobs into the C.P. Bourg Finishing simultaneously.
  • The printer may be turned off and the C.P. Bourg Finishing may run in an Off-Line/Near-Line mode via the BSFE-x autonomously.
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