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Big Joe PDM-15-60 Electric Straddle Stacker – 022024000410A

S/N: 89391

Max. Capacity: 1500LBS

Straddle Stacker Description

The PDM gives heavy-duty performance for a medium-duty price. This truck has the same structure and drive train as our heavier full duty-cycle units. The medium-duty designation refers only to the time the truck can operate between battery charging. PDM is the lift truck built for those who have a need for a power propelled, power lift truck who do not use it continuously over multiple shifts.

The PDM is excellent for “retail” applications where selling space is primary and back rooms are small, confined spaces. PDM functions well in tight areas yet has the capacity to transport heavy skids to the floor area for stocking. This series is designed and built for loading, off-loading, interdepartment handling and various warehouse storage functions. The capacity is 1,500 pounds. Available with full free lift and adjustable straddles.

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