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Big Joe Manual Straddle Stacker 2,000lb Load Capacity – 102323000252A

Model: 2024-T10
S/N: 368098

Powered-lift/manual-push straddle stackers can raise loads faster and with less physical effort than manual stackers. Also called semi-electric straddle stackers, they have an electric motor that activates their hydraulic pump to raise pallets, skids, and bulk containers. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery. These stackers must be pushed or pulled by hand, so they are best suited for applications where loads will be moved short distances. Straddle stackers have their outrigger legs positioned outside of their forks to stabilize the stackers. When a load is placed on the stackers’ forks, its weight is distributed directly above these legs. The stackers’ forks can completely reach the ground, which allows straddle stackers to lift any type of pallet or skid as long as there is sufficient clearance between it and the stackers’ legs. Straddle stackers can maneuver in tight spaces such as aisles, loading docks, and store rooms.

Features and Specifications:

Load Capacity: 2,000 lb
Operation: Manual
Minimum Lifting Height: 2 in
Maximum Lifting Height: 10 ft
Width Across Forks: 28 in
Width Between Forks: 6 in
Base Inside Width: 42 in
Base Outside Width: 50 in
Base Type: Adjustable Straddle
Fork Length: 36 in
Fork Width: 28 in
Fork Type: Adjustable
Lift Control: Push Button
Lift Mechanism: Hydraulic
Caster Wheel Dia.: 6 in
Caster Wheel/Tread:  MaterialSteel
Caster Brake Type: No Caster Brake
Drive Wheel Diameter: 4 in
Drive Wheel/Tread Material: Steel
Base Material: Steel
Battery Amp Hours: 155 Ah
Battery Type: Polycase Lead Acid
Battery Voltage: 12V DC
Number of Batteries: 1
Color: Black, Yellow
Charger Type: On-Board
Charger Voltage: 12 V
Frame Material: Steel
Load Center: 24 in
Features: Compact Vehicle Design, Forks Provide for Easy Adjustment, Chrome Plated Lift Cylinder With Pressure Compensation Lowering Valves
Overall Height with Forks Raised: 139-1/4 in
Overall Length: 52-5/8 in
Overall Width: 49-7/8 in
Standards: ANSI B56.10
Turning Radius: 49-9/16 in
Method of Construction: Welded
Assembled: Yes

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