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Beseler Model 1611-M Shrink Wrapping System – 022819104944


Beseler Model 1611-M Shrink Wrapping System

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Shrink Wrapping System Description

The Beseler Model 1611-M Shrink Wrapping System is a precision packaging machine designed to completely enclose product in thermoplastic film. The Beseler Model 1611-M will simultaneously seal and cut all conventional thermoplastic films and shrink the film for a great looking package.
This Beseler Model 1611-M shrink wrapping system is extremely simple to operate and require very little maintenance.

Shrink Wrapping System Features

This “M” model features a magnetic holddown for the sealing arm along with film clamps for better seals, an impulse type hole burner and adjustable tunnel side air flow.
The tunnel has unique features that enable it to get superior performance in a small size. A special control system provides half power to the heaters at all times to maintain a highly stable internal temperature. The conveyor belt is heated by a hot plate underneath it to provide film shrinkage on the bottom of the package. Also, a lift bar is provided under the belt at the location of the side air vents allowing the bottom of the package to be momentarily exposed to hot air for best appearance.

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