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BelQuette Edge Digital Pretreatment Machine w/ Mod1 Garment Printer – 100522089003A

Edge Digital Pretreatment Machine

BelQuette Inc. introduces the Edge, a new “targeted” digital pretreatment machine. The Edge can be used with any brand of direct-to-garment printer, and features EdgeLINK software, which uses the white-ink layer file produced by the printer’s RIP software to create a targeted mask of pretreatment only in the area that white ink will print. Initial testing revealed that the machine uses 30%-50% less pretreatment with this technology, according to the company. Additionally, the machine offers standard preset zones, such as left-chest and full-front, but users also can load custom zones. elQuette Inc. introduces the Edge, a new “targeted” digital pretreatment machine.

S/N: E2X-0014-H13

Mod1 Garment Printer

The Mod1 is Belquette’s second foray into the DTG market, following the PRO series Flexi-Jet. Based on a modified Epson r1800/r1900 print engine, this A3 style printer is quick, boasting a range of high tech features and an innovative appearance and construction. The ability to independently control either of the z-axis motors for maximum control is a huge plus, but some might find the auto laser level to be somewhat restrictive. The Mod1 boasts a modular design for quick and easy print module swaps, as well as a bagged ink system for bulk convenience. Print Size: 13″ x 19″(x 6″ Z-axis height)

S/N: M2Z-1399-F13


  • Quick Change Platen Indexing
  • Independent Height Control
  • Industrial Grade Components

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