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Bell & Howell Mailstar 400 Mail Inserter w/ Flat Conveyor – 092822090001A

The Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 Mail Insertion System enhances the efficiency of mailers processing high volumes of non-personalized inserts. These flexible systems, using advanced paper handling technology, accommodate a wide range of materials and applications. Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 mail inserters, which include from four to eighteen station models, maximize your investment protection. The heavy-duty construction ensures a long life for the system while the modular design allows you to upgrade as your mailing requirements change.

Phillipsburg Mark II Series

Model: P’Burg Mark II (S/N: L100420257-9)

Model: 5355850000 Flat Conveyor (S/N: 100960001)

Cycle Time: 11,141 Hours

On Time: 18,108

Envelope Count: 5,254,263

– Any non-read mailing application characterized by single-page, pre folded or single panel address pages, with multiple inserts.
– Ideal for direct mail, letters, notices, notifications, statements, tax notices, and many other applications.

Features and Benefits:
– The centralized control panel with error detection indicators simplifies operator setup and shortens recovery procedures.
– Easily adjustable guides make job setup and changeover quick and simple.
-Vacuum system provides more accurate paper handling, reducing operator intervention
– Add four and six station trailer modules – up to a total of 18 stations, as your number of inserts increase.
– Add an electronic Automated In-line Mailing (AIM) system to accumulate personalized multiple-page documents.
– Wide range of available adjustments on the insert and envelope hoppers, and on the track supports a variety of material sizes.
– Adjustable speed control allows operator to increase or decrease speed for the most efficient handling of a given application.
– Options such as vacuum- or knife-style envelope flap opener, elevator or shuttle-feed envelope hopper increase system capabilities.

– Cycling Speed Stations:
Up to 10,000 per hour
– Stations:
Up to 18 stations (in four and six-station modules)
– Envelopes:
Maximum Size – 9 1/2″ x 6 1/4″ (241mm x 159mm)
Minimum Size – 6″ x 3 1/4″ (152mm x 830mm)
Flap Depth – 1″ x 1 3/4″ (25mm x 44mm)
– Inserts:
Maximum Size – 9″ x 6″ (229mm x 152mm)
Minimum Size – 5 1/2″ x 3″ (140mm x 76mm)
Paper Weight – 20 – 24 lbs (75 to 90g/m2)
– Maximum accumulated thickness:
Stacker or Turnover Option – 3/8″ (10mm)
Meter or Conveyor Delivery Option – 1/2″ (13mm)
– Power:
208/240Vac, 30Amp, Single Phase, 50 or 60hz, 4 Wire
– Temperature:
64 to 90 degrees F, 18 to 32 degrees C
– Humidity:
40% to 60% (non-condensing)
– Dimensions:
Width – 34″ x Height 46″ x Length (4 station – 80″ or 6 station – 100″)

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