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Bell & Howell Mail Inserter 2000 w/ Streamfolder and Pitney Bowes R750 Postage Meter and Delivery Conveyor – 040722024003A

Model: R750 (S/N: 1015061) (1 Phase) (120-240 Vac) (50/60 Hz) (2.0 Amps)

Pitney Bowes DM Infinity R750 Postage Meter


Increase productivity, reduce your costly envelope inventory and personalize your mail. The DM Infinity Series gives you a flexible, cost effective option to print permit or indicia for a total mailing solution. Now you can change applications on-the-fly for on-demand envelope printing – you’ll also avoid costly errors resulting from using the wrong envelopes.

-Powerful economies and measurable productivity gains make mailings more profitable than ever before.
-Lower postage costs for mixed-weight mail with WeighOn-The-Fly™ technology.
-Increase throughput by 5 – 20% with faster speeds and fewer jams.
-Reduce return mail costs through improved print quality.
-Easier postage reconciliation due to fewer outsorts, reprints and stoppages.
-Reduce maintenance requirements up to 66% with an innovative, reliable component design.

The DM Infinity Series Digital Mailing System is more than a mandate – it adds up to real ROI.

Streamfeeder 1 (S/N: 01055485)

Streamfeeder 1 (S/N: 01055484)

Model 438A Folder (S/N: 703-28578-500)

Model 438AB Feeder/Folder System

GBR Model 438B (S/N: 04010157)

The GBR 438 Smart Feeder/Folder, is the highest quality intelligent feeder/folder system in the mail industry. Utilizing a heavy-duty folder with poly-steel rollers, the GBR 438 is designed for maximum productivity, 24-hour, seven day a week production.

The GBR 438 Smart Feeder/Folder, is a large capacity top-loading, bottom feeder (approximately 1,500 sheets); four plate folder with accumulation station for up to eight pages for a letter fold and 12 pages for a half fold – 24 lb. bond paper. The GBR 438 has a double detect monitor and non-read fixed count operation along with an intelligent error display including mis-feed and jam detection.

Optionally, the GBR 438 can support line code read system (OMR); Industry standard 1-D barcodes: 3 of 9, 128, and 2 of 5 interleaved; and 2-D barcode – Data Matrix; OCR/2-D barcode with Mailcrafters Lake Imaging Systems camera-based IntegraVision systems. The BSA 5000 high capacity loader increases loading capacity to approximately 6,5000 sheets or more for the GBR 438 Smart Feeder/Folder.


  • SPEED: Up to 30,000 Documents Per Hour
  • 1,500 Sheets / Optional: 6,500 Sheets
  • Min./Max. Paper Size: 8 ½”W x 11”L / A4 / 8 ½” W x 14” L
  • “C”, “Z”, “V”, and Double “V” Folds
  • 20-24 lb. Bond
  • 220 Volts, 20AMP, Single Phase
  • Dimensions :106”L X 26”W X 58”H

Model: MM 38/4-40 (S/N: 030859172)

Commercial success is the result of smooth processes – this applies in particular to print processing. The folding machine multimaster 38 stands for this principle, since it is a professional system that meets your needs – and not the other way round.

Its modular design and the comprehensive range of attachments turn each multimaster 38 into a custom-made folding machine. The machine concept comprises two different basic versions.

The roller diameter of 40 mm makes the multimaster 38-40 the ideal all-round machine for all common folding jobs. The multimaster 38-30 with its roller diameter of 30 mm is especially suitable for handling small folds and light stock.

  • Max. Sheet Format: 38 x 65 cm
  • Min. Sheet Format: 7 x 12 cm
  • Min. Fold Length: 3.5cm (1.8 cm w/KF 31)
  • Speed: Max. 200 m/min

Cycle Time: 78,993On Time: 191,890

Envelope Count: 5,522,690

Typ: 00144-01-35 (S/N: 0406-01203)