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2017 Bell and Howell Gunther EP-4000 Large Format Mailing System

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High Capacity Insertion of Flats
The EP-4000 can handle packages over twice as thick as the nearest competitor. Up to 180 sheets of 20# bond (or equivalent) can be inserted into a single 10 x 13 inch envelope.
Simple solutions to complex applications

The EP-4000 handles the high page-count applications- inserting up to 180 sheets into a single 10 x 13 inch envelope. Friction feeders can be combined with vacuum feeders to handle a full spectrum of enclosures. Multiple print streams can be easily matched with 100% accuracy and even the thickest packages can be metered in-line. With its unique ability to assemble and combine several flights or subsets, the EP-4000 is the best solution for your most complex, dynamic applications. (Not all applies to this model)

#1 Feeder: Bulk loader BSA 5000
By using the BSA 5000, the stacking capacity of a bottom-feed, top-load air feeder becomes practically unlimited. The BSA 5000 continuously monitors the height of the paper stack in the feeder and automatically replenishes paper after a minimum height has been reached.
Paper sizes:
Width max. 32.0 cm / min. 17.8 cm
Length max. 35.5 cm / min. 20.3 cm

#2 High Capacity Feeder F400 Primary Document Feeder
Ultra -high speed primary feeder
Jam and Double Feed detection
Mixed paper weight capability
#3 Corner Stitcher: positioned to apply one stitch to the upper left corner of a document in the portrait orientation. It places a stitch approximately 3/8 inch from the top of the sheets. 2 to 40 sheets may be stitched
#4 11.5” wide The Friction Feeder is a versatile feeder which separates and feeds material from the bottom of a stack of up to 24 inches. It efficiently feeds a wide range of material from 20 lb. sheets up to 1/2 inch thick booklets.
The Friction Feeders can be adjusted to feed a wide range of inserts. Reply envelopes, brochures, and other inserts (or enclosures) are added to each package with this type of feeder.
#5 F2 Vacuum Insert Feeder
The F2 Feeder is a vacuum type feeder capable of feeding a wide range of inserts. Such as, reply envelopes, brochures, single sheets and covers. Additional inserts can be added to each package with this type of feeder.
#6 F300 Vertical Document Feeder w/ Diverter – This allows you to feed a separate insert that is later glued onto already fed product.
#7 Zebra ZM Thermal LAbel Printer with Barcode Reader
#8 D4-E Hot Melt applying station
#9 Panther P8 Print and Applying Labeling System

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