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Baumer HHS Hot Melt Glue System – 070121113710

S/N: 201206626

Glue System Description

A hot melt application system is made up of the following: Xmelt hot melt tank, heated hoses, controller and hot melt guns. The unit melts granules and transports them through the heated hoses to the application heads under pressure. Various tank sizes are available.

You can connect up to 8 Xmelt® hoses.

The Xmelt series consequently counted on energy efficiency from its start in 2006. The tank, the hose, the melting mode and last but not least the fast intermittent Xmelt guns preserve consequently adhesive, energy and purse. For your hot melt guns Baumer hhs offers an all around insulation – also for retrofit. Thanks to reduced surface it cuts on required energy for heating, preserving at the same tim eadhesive and seals, time and climate.

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