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Baum ND5 Multi-Spindle Hydraulic Paper Drill – 111523266035B

S/N: ST H009

Paper Drill Features

Multiple Spindle Paper Drills for Heavy Duty Work
•Heavy Duty
•Gear-Driven Heads
•All Moveable Heads
•No Tools Needed to Remove Bits or Heads
•Hydraulic Operation
•Hand Drill Sharpener Included
•Safety interlock Guards
•Head Alignment Without Tools
•Waste Disposal
•Overload Protection
•Separate Drive / Hydraulic Controls
•1-1/4″ Center-to-Center Minimum
•Exclusive Medical Forms Drilling Capability
Maximum Number of Heads: 5 (Includes 3)
Lift Capacity: 2″
Throat Depth: 5.83″