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2011 Baum 2020 Pile Feed Paper Folder w/ 8pg Unit – 110822105004A

Retail Cost – Over $45,590

Folding solutions for the future

The Baum 2020 Model paper folder is undoubtedly the best folding machine ever built in America. From the impressive appearance to the multitude of enhanced and improved features, the Baum 2020 folder promises to boost your bindery’s productivity and give you years of trouble-free operation.


Model: 1320F-3-8PG-2

S/N: 131XI0014


Model: 1320H-3-P-3

S/N: FK7600135

State of the Art Controls

The Baum 2018 Operator Control Panel provides several exclusive features that improve productivity including:

Easy Mode – Automatically sets the sheet gap and vacuum duration length.
Learning Mode – Automatically measures and displays the length of the sheet and sets sheet gap and vacuum duration. Adjustments to sheet gap and vacuum length can be made at any time.

Machine Monitoring Modes – Includes convenient viewing of Machine Speed, Job Run Time, Job Makeready Time, Units of Measure, Language, Power On Time, Machine Run Time, and more.

Diagnostic Messages – The folder has several messages that can be displayed on the counter readout to assist the operator. Error indications and running parameters are displayed for: Double Sheet Detection, Stop Button, Motor Overload, Jam Detection with optional Jam Detector, and many more.

Counting Functions – A built-in Batch and Total Counter are standard. An optional Exit Total Count Sensor can be added to confirm sheet count from the beginning to the end of the folding process.


Max. Sheet Size – 521 mm x 838 mm (20.5″ x 31″)

Min. Sheet Size – 102 mm x 152 mm (4″ x 6″)

Fold Rolls (Std.) – Combination Poly/steel

Baum set Roller Settings – Standard

Folds Plates 4/3/3

Electrical: 208-230V / 3Ph / 60Hz / 17A

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