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Anajet FP-125 DTG Apparel Printer – 011322013626

Anajet FP-125 DTG-Printer

S/N: M2243


Printer Model : Anajet FP-125 (for white and black garments)

Printing Method Direct to Garment Inkjet

Garment Handling Shuttling Print Table

Printing Table Size 12.5” X 16.0” (31.75 cm X 40.64 cm)

Table Height Adjustment adjustable for garment thickness of up to .6” (1.52 cm)

Printer size W x L x H 30.3” x 32.3” x 15.0” (77cm x 82cm x 38cm)

Printer Weight Approx. 72 lbs (33kg)

Ink Type Water-based Pigment Inks.

Ink Toxicity Non toxic, environmentally friendly.

Ink Color 4 colors (CMYK) or CMYK + White

Ink Supply Closed-loop Bulk Ink Cartridge Systems

PrintHead Technology Piezo-Electric Print-On-Demand

Print Channels (for white only) 8 channels, 2 each CMYK colors

Print Channels (for white and dark) 8 channels, 1 each CMYK, and 4 for White

Number of Nozzles 180 nozzles per channel, Total of 1,440 nozzles

Printing Resolution 720 dpi x 720 dpi (dpi)

AnaJet Printer Software AnaPrint Printer Driver(Provided)

RIP Program for black garment is optional.

Color Management Mostly automated for the most often used media. No special RIP knowledge needed.

Print Mode White Garment, Dark Garment

Ink Volume Adjustment User control, 5 levels per fabric type

Ink Volume Selection 15 Level. Determine based on Test Pattern Generator

Printable Substrates 100% Cotton, Cotton/polyester, Certain types of 100% Polyester

Operating system requirements Windows XP, Windows 7

Environment (Operation) Temperature: 50 degrees F(10 C) – 95 degrees F(35 C)

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