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Ametek Eclipse II Plus – 062921041429

Designed for maximum performance, the Eclipse II Series chargers utilize advanced IGBT high frequency power conversion circuitry to provide efficient dependable service. The Eclipse II chargers can recharge any 100% discharged lead-acid, flooded or sealed battery. The Eclipse II can also be set to charge Ni-Cad batteries. The Eclipse is engineered for energy-efficient charging in one of the most compact packages available on the market today.

S/N: 313CS13137

With the Eclipse charger, the battery determines its own charge cycle rate based on its state of discharge. The Eclipse constantly monitors the battery’s condition to provide the optimum charge with minimal temperature rise and it completes the charge at the proper current regardless of battery age, battery type, or electrolyte temperature.

  • High efficiency charging as high as 93% = reduced energy costs
  • High power factor >.95 = low installation costs
  • Conventional and Opportunity charging 100% rated to recharge fully discharged batteries in 8 hours or less.
  • Adapts to all battery types and applications with user selectable charge algorithms.
  • UL and cUL listed


Battery Type – LA

18 Cells

Amp Hours 125 to 680 in 7 Hours

Volts: 12/24/36

Max Amps: 170

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