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American M&M Cameo 30SS Semi Automatic Graphic Press – 052621081941

The Cameo Graphics Screen Printers are designed and manufactured with the toughest print shops in mind. These rugged printing machines have a long history of providing many years of continuous, reliable service. With +/-.001” repeat-ability and micro-registration controls, the Cameo offers the perfect combination of highly versatile production, up-to-date controls and user-friendly operation. Made in America for over 25 years, the Cameo is recognized for its unparalleled accuracy and dependability. When the time comes to equip your shop with a new screen printer that combines precision, speed and durability for accurate prints time after time, choose the American M&M Cameo by AWT.

S/N: 4063D


• Proven quality for more than 25 years
• Easy to operate – plug in, set up and print
• All-aluminum vacuum table
• Heaviest gauge printing surface
• Micro-registration controls (+/-.001”)
• Independent print and flood speeds
• Synchronized peel system
• Variable dwell timer
(35.5 cm) thick
• Heavy-duty chassis construction
• Brushless, sparkless, maintenance-free, quiet
vacuum motor
• Wraparound safety bar with sensors
• State-of-the-art controls

• Master frame with adjustable clamps
• All-aluminum vacuum table
• Chopper assembly – squeegee and floodbar angle adjustments
and tool-free pressure control
• Micro-registration system
• Independent print/flood speed control
• Brushless, sparkless, maintenance-free, quiet vacuum motor
• Adjustable print stroke
• Off-contact peel control
• Squeegee angle adjustment
• Wraparound safety bar
• Foot pedal switch
• Print variable size substrates up
to 14″ thick

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