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Akiles Crimp@Coil Coil Crimper – 041221083240

Offices that produce a high volume of coil bound documents understand what a time consuming process this is,especially the task of cutting and crimping the coil. With most binding equipment crimping the coil is still done manually, one side at a time with a pair of crimping pliers. The Crimp@Coil electric coil crimper by Akiles significantly speeds up the process by cutting and crimping both ends at the same time. The easy to use Crimp@Coil can handle the full range of coil sizes from 6mm to 50mm. Setting up the Crimp@Coil is done in 5 easy steps: 1. Adjust both side guides according to your project dimensions. 2. Set work table height for your book’s thickness. 3. Adjust both crimper knives for your coil diameter size. 4. Adjust crimper head position on both sides and lock handles. 5. Adjust both coil guide positions so the coil will be held tightly during crimping and then you’re ready to go. With its simple foot pedal operation, the Crimp@Coil is 2 to 3 times faster than crimping by hand and its large attached waste catcher means there’s also less mess. With a speed of 54 cycles per minute, the Crimp@Coil offers the fastest cycle speed in its class.

S/N: ACAC CP2090057


• Electric Double-Sided Coil Crimpers with adjustable knives: Avoid manual coil crimping process and improve productivity.
• Works on Full Range of Coil Sizes: Quickly and easily crimp all coils sizes (from 6mm to 50mm).
• Adjustable Crimper Heads: No hassle of switching crimper heads for different sizes.
• Simple 5-Step Setup: Only takes seconds to change coil or sheet size settings.
• Special Coil Alignment Guides: Ensures a perfect, consistent result in every crimping operation, by guiding your coils in a well-centered position to the knives.
• 54 cycles per minute: Fastest cycle speed in its class, higher productivity.
• Industrial design with all metal construction
• Foot pedal operated
• Includes a large waste catcher
• Weight 51 lbs