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MCS 430 Vacuum Base w/ Adphos M300 Inkjet Drying System – 102722000692A

MCS bases are designed specifically for the newest high quality inkjet technology. On our new 1030 base, vacuum is distributed wider, for larger sheets without creating valleys on the printed substrate (which can cause poor print quality). All MCS bases are 110V 15 Amp, and are designed to be modular (in-line) so they are easy to move around to different feeders, inserters, bindery lines including folders.

  • Economically priced
  • 110V Electricity – easy to move around
  • Flexible – In-line design


M-Series dryers are compact, high-performance, and programmable drying solutions which are ideal for high speed inkjet drying and the drying, sintering, and curing of conductive or resistive of inks and coatings. The M-series product line utilizes patented adphosNIR® technology and offers more options, higher productivity, and easier integration while offering a return on your investment in as little as three months.

More options

Integration flexibility

Lower cost

Various accessories


Model: 430 Base

Volts: 120V 7Amps

S/N: 072320130064


Dryer Module

Length: 14.57″ (37cm)

Width: 5.63″ (14.3cm)

Height: 9.25″ (23.5cm)

Drying Width: 4.88″ (12.4cm)

Drying Length: 12.99″ (33cm)

Number of Emitters: 3

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