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Accufast KT Tabbing Machine w/ FX Friction Feeder and CS3 Conveyor – 021323000891A

Model Accufast FX: S/N: 0268

Tabbing Machine Description

If you need mailing machine to round out your mail production pipeline, the Accufast KT2 Tabber is an excellent choice. This mailing machine relies on crash technology to create a secure tabbed closure for booklets, self-mailers and more.

Simple, Precise Mailing Equipment
The Accufast KT2 Tabber holds documents together with secure edge tabs. The machine “crashes” the edge of the mail piece into the tab, and then into a sweep and roller system for a tight fit. With this mailing machine, you can tab up to 15,000 mailpieces per hour – with no skewing adjustment or “floating” tabs.

Crash tabbers are simple to use – there’s a short paper path which reduces the need for adjustment and improves productivity. This model of Accufast tabber can be used with the Accufast FX feeder and the 3FV conveyor for a complete, efficient single tabbing mail system.

Mailing Equipment Spotlight – The Accufast KT2 Tabber
The Accufast Tabber offers the following:

Efficiently applies tabs to up to 15,000 tabs per hour
Options for 1 or 2 tabs applied per piece
Successfully tabs pieces that are from 5” to 16” wide
Capable of tabbing pieces from 20 lb. thin to 1/4” thick, uncoated or coated
Handles a variety of 1” tabs – choose from paper, translucent & frosted, circles & rectangles, on rolls without tractor holes
Comes with a reliable built-in waste take-up spools
Accufast KT2 Tabber Technical Specifications
weighs 56 pounds
measures 11”l x 19”h x 23”w
uses 115 volts 2 amps 60 hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 hz
Place in-line with a number of different tabletop printers, feeders and labelers

CS3 Conveyor

The ACCUFAST CS3 is a versatile conveyor system (Conveyor System, 3 feet) that can be used on a table top or as a free standing unit either straight on or at right angles. It can operate as an input or an output device. It most commonly appears at the output end of an ACCUFAST address printer such as the P3 where it conveys wet or damp addressed envelopes from the printer allowing them to dry prior to stacking in a drop down basket.

The CS3 has a single belt to make it easy to handle pieces fed with their short edges first.

Table Top Model

•Weighs 51 pounds
•Measures 38”l X 13”w x 5”h; transport length is 38”
•Uses 115 volts 2 amps 60hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 hz
•Adjustable speeds from 0 – 150 fpm
•Mail pieces drop into a catch basket
•No limit to mail piece length; up to 12” mail piece width
•Tabletop model, recommended for use with address printers, tabbers and labelers
•Optional bump and turn kit and weight wheel assemblies are available
•Bump and turn option allows mail pieces to be turned 90 degrees for feeding from tabber into printer