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Accufast ET Dual Head Tabber w/ Accufrast HDF Friction Feeder – 033120110910

Accufast ET Dual Head Tabber w/ Accufrast HDF Friction Feeder

Tabber Description

The Accufast ET is a tabbing machine that has more uses than we have space to explain them. The essence of the ET is that it tabs both booklets and self mailers with the appropriate tabs in the correct spots automatically. Very little set up and operator interaction is required.

The Accufast ET uses digital technology to place tabs per the USPS regulations. All the operator needs to do is light the location for each tab on the piece and run the pieces. The ET automatically determines the size of the piece and puts the tab right where it is supposed to be. To move a tab, select the tab and press the lead or trail light to bump the tab into position. Once tab location is set, it stays until you move it again.

Tabs are usually supplied to the ET in high volumes from a box of fan folded tabs located on the floor below the machine. This eliminates much of the handling of tabs. Just splice one stack of tabs to the next and run the whole thing, stopping for a few seconds occasionally to clear the waste paper spool.

The Accfast ET can run both booklets and self mailers:

Booklets – The USPS defines a booklet as a folded mailer with a spine and some sort of device (staple or glue) to close the spine. The regulations require at least two and usually three 1-1/2″ tabs to close the booklet for self mailing. The specification for the location of the tabs is quite precise. Booklet tabbing is most often an off line activity. however with the Accufast ET you can add an Accufast HDF feeder to run in-line with the ET and the booklets are fed spine first into the tabber. Tabs are applied based on the tab mode selected at the start of the run. The location of the tabs is set based on the size of the piece being used and USPS specification.

Self Mailers – The self mailer is pretty much as it always has been save for the fact that either top or edge tabbing is allowed. The Accufast ET does both with the twist of a knob. Because a self mailer often starts out as a single sheet of paper, the ET can easily become part of a mail production system that can include a paper folder, the ET, a transfer table and an ink jet address printer.


Can apply multiple tabs per piece meeting USPS specifications
Tabs up to 20,000 pieces per hour
Tabs pieces from 5.5” to 12” card stock to booklets piece width: 5.5” to 11” – booklets and edge tabbing
application, 5.5” to 12” – self mailers tabbed on top
Runs a variety of 1 and 1.5 inch tabs: paper & clear, circles & rectangles, on rolls or fan fold
Built-in waste take-up spool on each head
Can work in-line with Accufast and other table top labelers, feeders and printers
Able to run both 1 and 1.5 inch tabs at the flick of a switch, meeting USPS specs

Weight – 60 pounds
Measures – 23” wide x 20” long x 19” high
Power – 115 volts 4 amps 60 hz or 230 volts 2 amp 50 hz
Tabs pieces 5.5” to 12” wide, from card stock to booklets

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