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AB Dick Model 9995C Two-Tower Offset Printing Press – 012022112945

ABDick 9995 Series Two-Tower Offset Presses The ABDick 9995 Series are reliable, true two-color offset presses equipped with an array of features that simplify operation and increase productivity while consistently delivering high quality spot, multiand process color output. This series is available in three configurations: 9995C, 9995A, and 9995A-ICS. Each features two easily accessible individual printing heads which can be operated independently for single color work or simultaneously for two-color applications. The 9995 Series is ideally suited to work in conjunction with Presstek’s DPM, Vector FL52, and Dimension Excel CTP solutions.

5,299,946 Count

S/N: 1045


  • Ink Control System Console (9995A-ICS)
  • Segmented Lever-Actuated Ink Fountains (9995C, 9995A)
  • Semi-Automatic Plate Inserter (9995A, 9995A-ICS)
  • Straight-Edge Plate Clamp with Register Pins (9995C)
  • Centralized microprocessor control
  • Push button operation
  • Auto-sequencing
  • Motorized continuous film dampening system/Crestline Dampener 9995C
  • 16-Roller ink system with 3 ink form rollers
  • Ink roller cleaning attachment
  • Automatic ink ductor control
  • Ink volume stepless adjustment
  • Impression cylinder pressure control
  • Plate cylinder predetermined position stop
  • Quick release blanket bars
  • Paper path setup software
  • Double sheet detection (mechanical)
  • Static eliminator on feeder
  • Paper jam detection with indicator
  • Extended push guides
  • Precise vertical image adjustment
  • On-the-fly lateral image adjustment
  • Diagonal sheet skew adjustment
  • Pre-pile capability with 2 paper tables
  • Chain delivery with 2 roll-away dollies
  • Delivery pile automatically receding stacker and lower limit switch
  • Anti off-set powder spray unit
  • Preset repeat counter with batch function (electronic, 5 digits)
  • Machine counter (total no. of machine rotations, 8 digits, non resettable)
  • Emergency stop buttons (at each printing unit and delivery sections)
  • Cylinder safety bars and safety covers
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Oil pans (2)
  • Standard tool kit
  • Work organizer
  • Blanket wash plunger can