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AB Dick 9995 (Ryobi 3302) Two Color Offset Printing Press w/ Royse Space Saver Circulation System and Printing Control System – 082423000231A

Ryobi Printing Control System PCS-F

Model: 33302HA
S/N: 1187

Model: 6000-11D
S/N: 37072/10/2003

Printing Press Description

ABDick 9995 Series are reliable, true two-color offset presses equipped with an array of features that simplify operation and increase productivity while consistently delivering high quality spot, multi- and process color output.

Printing Press Specifications

• Segmented Lever-Actuated Ink Fountains (9995A)
• Semi-Automatic Plate Inserter
• Centralized microprocessor control
• Push button operation
• Auto-sequencing
• Motorized continuous film dampening system
• 16-Roller ink system with 3 ink form rollers
• Automatic ink ductor control
• Ink volume stepless adjustment
• Impression cylinder pressure control
• Plate cylinder predetermined position stop
• Quick release blanket bars
• Paper path setup software
• Double sheet detection (mechanical)
• Static eliminator on feeder
• Paper jam detection with indicator
• Extended push guides
• Precise vertical image adjustment
• On-the-fly lateral image adjustment
• Diagonal sheet skew adjustment
• Pre-pile capability with 2 paper tables
• Chain delivery with 2 roll-away dollies
• Delivery pile automatically receding stacker and lower limit switch
• Anti off-set powder spray unit
• Preset repeat counter with batch function (electronic, 5 digits)
• Machine counter (total no. of machine rotations, 8 digits, non resettable)
• Emergency stop buttons (at each printing unit and delivery sections)
• Cylinder safety bars and safety covers
• Centralized lubrication system
• Work organizer
• Blanket wash plunger can

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