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3M-Matic 48800 Semi-Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer – 021022091040

S/N: 5774

Adjustable Case Sealer Features

Productivity and performance – bringing it all together in two sturdy, space-saving units for 2″ or 3″ tape application:
• Gear motor and bottom belt drive shift-after-shift dependability with cases up to 85 pounds
• Dual masts with twin lead screws for greater stability of taping head
• Consistent top and bottom sealing of RSCs with quick, easy adjustments for a wide range of case heights and widths
• Compression rollers to close flaps before taping
• 3M™AccuGlide™3 Taping Head for low impact sealing that protects cases while providing greater throughput
• Side guides adjustable to center cases of various widths for the full length of the unit
• Emergency stop positioned for quick and easy access
• Laced belts with traction grip for reliable feeding and easy replacement

Box capacities
Length: 6″ to unlimited
(152mm to unlimited)
Width*: 6″ to 21.5″
(152mm to 546mm)
Height: 4.75″ to 24.5″
(121mm to 622mm)
Weight: 5-85 lbs.
(3-38 kg)

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