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2021 Schulze PRETREATmaker IV Pretreatment for DTG System – 042823183003A

S/N: 899169

The high-end solution for pretreatment of DIRECT TO GARMENT PRINTING TEXTILES the PRETREATmaker IV – is an automatic high-end pretreat system for professional users resulting from consistent refinement and trend insights.

As a novelty the unit is equipped with a multiphase motor (step motor). The machine does have a total of 4 valves which can be individually switched on or off. The maximum spray area is 40 cm in width and 60 cm in length. The width can be regulated by switching the 4 valves on or off. Therefore the minimal spray width is 12 cm – the ideal width for chest prints. The length can be regulated in 2 cm intervals. Spraying is possible uni- and bi-directional. This will allow each user to setup the unit according to their needs.

Within the carriage we have implemented an additional filter which traps dirt from pump and tubes. This innovative filter will help to minimize blockage of the nozzles from deposition from within the system.

Another novelty is the new switch-valve which allows the user to use two different precoating liquids. An additional switch is used to clean the precoating pump (incl. pipe system). For that purpose the machine offers an automatic cleaning function within the touchpad menu. All drawer rails are now equipped with an improved protection system.

The PRETREATmaker IV is available with an optional scale which can be connected to the machine. After each cycle his innovation will show in the display the amount of precoating used. A useful feature to see if nozzles and system are working right. An additional feature is unlocked and will show low volume levels of precoating on the display.

Another special feature of the PRETREATmaker IV is its open interface that which can be used to program the unit either directly through the client’s order system or by printing a barcode. This optional feature will simplify and speed up your workflow. With this feature the PRETREATmaker IV can be operated by untrained staff.

For sure the PRETREATmaker IV is equipped with our well-known and well-proven automatic cleaning interval function. This feature prevents the nozzles from clogging during daily operation. Flushing of the nozzles with cleaner or water is limited to the last 10 cm of tube before the nozzles. This feature saves a lot of precoating liquid.

Container sizes are: 1 x 10 L Precoating, 1 x 5 L Precoating, 1 x 5 L Cleaner, 1 x 5 L Waste Tank.


  • Spraying area
  • B 40 cm x L 60 cm
  • Nozzles
  • 4
  • Width
  • Yes
  • Lenght
  • in 2 cm intervals
  • Spray way
  • uni- / bidirectional
  • Spraying method
  • Nozzles are moving over the table (inside)
  • Nozzle material
  • Brass / Stainless steel
  • Touchpad-Display
  • Yes
  • Save position
  • 5
  • Motor
  • Step motor
  • Defining application quantity
  • Speed
  • Carriage option (speed)
  • 25
  • Pumps
  • 2
  • Tanks
  • 1x 10 L / 3x 5 L
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Yes
  • Cleaning the nozzle after work (end of day)
  • automatic
  • Automatic pump cleaning
  • Yes
  • Automatic cleaning with picture in the display
  • Yes
  • Picture maintenance / daily handling
  • Yes
  • High-end filter in the carriage
  • Yes
  • Cleaning extern the nozzle
  • Yes
  • Barcode interface
  • Yes
  • Scale
  • Yes
  • Waste tank
  • Yes
  • Multilingual menu
  • Yes
  • Metric/inch
  • Yes
  • Ergonomic reformed drawer
  • Yes
  • Superuser function
  • Yes
  • Dimension
  • T 90 x B 72 x H 48 cm
  • Dimension transport
  • T 97 x B 82 x H 71 cm
  • Weight
  • 70 kg
  • Weight transport
  • 95 kg
  • Connection
  • 220/230 oder 110/120 VAC
  • Consumption
  • 150 W
  • Power input
  • 2 A
  • Main fuse
  • 12 A
  • Operating pressure precoating pump
  • approx. 5,5 bar
  • Operating pressure water pump
  • approx. 7 bar
  • Additional characteristics
  • zinc- and powder-coated housing

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