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2019 Maxcess Edge-Trim C2-GR-ET Tidland Self-Contained Dual Head Shear Slitting System – 013023132049D

Product Name: Edge Trim
Model: C2-GR-ET
S/N: 633504-2019-8

The Tidland Edge-Trim is a self-contained shear slitting system specifically designed for trimming the edges of a continuously moving flexible web. Instead of expensive cross-web hardware, this unique system has both upper slitter and driven anvil ring mounted on a common C-Frame on linear rails. Setup time is virtually eliminated because the blade-to-anvil geometric relationship is never disturbed during slitting repositioning. Manual controlled systems are ideal for applications with infrequent setup changes or average accuracy requirements. Optional automated controls are available for applications where trim width accuracy is critical, where access to the trim slitters is difficult, or where ‘on the fly’ trim changes or adjustments to the position of the knives are required.


  • Advanced design allows for trim changes and blade replacements ‘on the fly,’ reducing downtime and waste
  • Built tough for reliable operations in rugged environments
  • Automatically maintains critical blade-toanvil relationship, greatly reducing setup time while ensuring trimming accuracy
  • C-Frame supports standard trim width of 142.2 mm (5.6 in), with maximum of 381 mm (15 in)
  • Modular and flexible for a wide range of operations
  • Compact and rugged control console enables many mounting options
  • Can be configured to run from PC via stand-alone program or existing PLC


  • Anvil Motors (manual and automatic versions)
  • Ziehl-Abegg external-rotor dust sealed motors enable a wide range of operating speeds and torque values
  • Gear reducers are available for slow speed applications
  • Input power: 3-phase, 230 – 460 V AC +/- 10%
  • Actuator Control (automatic only)
  • Stepper motors with integrated drive controller and encoder
  • Touch Screen (automatic only)
  • Industrial touch screen controller with NEMA 4 / IP 65 enclosure
  • Simplified Connections (automatic only)
  • Requires only 110 or 220 V AC single-phase power and two easy-to-wire interconnect lines between the touchscreen control and edge trim units
  • Quick release input air connections for knife control and pneumatic brakes
  • Ethernet communication and 24 V DC servo power cables

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