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2019 Kirk Rudy Matchmate Verification Rejection / Diverting / Stacking System – 083022074099A

-533 Autoloader (S/N: 1904 480)

This versatile autoloader handles a wide variety of product and is versatile enough to work with almost any feeding system such as friction and even shuttle feeders. The KR533 manages nearly six feet of material and delivers it into the hopper as needed. The hopper level is maintained within a narrow range keeping the feed consistent while the jogger assembly keeps product straight in the hopper. The KR533 can be used straight inline or 90 degrees to the product flow.


  • 67” belted conveyor
  • Telescoping conveyor top
  • Conveyor top angle adjustment
  • Stack height sensor
  • Hydraulic lift kit for quick set-up

-661 Rotary Feeder (S/N: 1904 189)

Rotary feeders are known for their ease of use, quick changeover and reliability. The KR694 Rotary feeder is no exception. Now you can increase the productivity of your KR512 newspaper inserter by adding a KR694 in place of an existing KR324-1 shuttle feeder.

The KR694 is ideally suited for handling multi-page, folded products such as newspapers, magazines or stitched booklets. Fewer adjustments means changeovers will take less time and require less skill. Also available as a stand alone unit, the KR694 can make those difficult jobs, easy.

-519V-66 Transport Base (S/N: 1904 498)

The “Gold Standard” of transport bases.

We completely revamped the very popular KR519 transport base to provide class leading print quality, durability and modularity. Perfectly suited to handle all kinds of products, from direct mail pieces to flat chipboard and corrugated cartons. With four sided “T” slotted heavy duty extruded aluminum frames, the mounting options are endless. Perfect for our inkjet printing systems, label applicators, attaching systems, and inspection systems.

Modular designs are engineered to add a variety of feeders and delivery systems as well as place in-line with existing systems.


  • No tool setup
  • Optimized encoder mount and drive
  • Extra wide rollers improve product transfer
  • Base mount motor reduces vibration
  • Toothless belted drive system
  • Designed for easy table belt replacement
  • Pallet jack/fork lift base clearance
  • Maintenance free drive
  • Cabinet designed to maximize access

-950 Compensating Stacker (S/N: 1904 145)

The KR950 is a combination of the latest technology and new, innovative features that allow you to use it throughout your facility on binders, inserters and mail bases.

The KR950 adjusts quickly and easily to accommodate a wide range of material from small 5” x 7” books up to full size newspapers. Stack integrity is maintained using joggers and a receding lift table to minimize the stack-drop distance.

The unique design of the KR950 allows you to configure it to match your space requirements. Stacks exit right, left or straight thru based on the position of the exit conveyor with no sacrifice in throughput. Changeover between exit positions is quick and easy.


  • Physical
  • Length – 96”
  • Height  – 86”
  • Width – 60”
  • Voltage 220 VAC
  • Current 30 amps
  • Phase single
  • Hertz 60
  • 80 psi @ 3 cfm
  • Production Rate 18,500 ppm

Material Handling

  • Min stock size 4.5” x 6”
  • Max stock size 18” x 18”
  • Minimum stock thickness single sheet
  • Maximum stock thickness 2.5”


  • In feed divert
  • Color touch screen interface
  • Variable speed DC motor
  • Servo drive turn table with integrated pusher and lift table
  • Front and side joggers

-314-6 (S/N: 1904 4981)

-MV100 (S/N: 1904 678)

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