2019 ATS Banding Machine US-2000 FSB-A – 031924403003B

Model: US-2000 FSB-A
S/N: BTA 918-223

The fully automatic US-2000 FSB-A counts, stacks and bands cards and printed matter in a single pass. The products are fed into the banding system in a shingled stream on the infeed conveyor belt. The banded product stacks are easily palletized or boxed. The US-2000 FSB-A is available with either an infeed magazine, straight infeed belt or 90° infeed belt. For small products, the stacker can be equipped with a lift. The stack width and length are easily adjusted via clamping levers and scales. Thanks to the lowering unit in the stacking unit, small formats with a stack height of up to 120 mm can also be processed. With the optional discharge handling, stacks of 2 to 200 products can be processed mixed.


 Band width 50 mm
 Camera / scanner for batch change
 Many more options available
 Outfeed handling for stacks from 2 to 200 products
 Thermal transfer printer for product labeling

Technical Specifications

Length 2165 mm
Width 1428 mm
Height 2238 mm
Max. product length 305 mm
Max. product width 230 mm
Max. product height 100 mm
Min. product length 80 mm
Min. product width 50 mm
Min. product height 5 mm
Min. stack length 80 mm
Max. stack length 305 mm
Min. stack width 50 mm
Max. stack width 230 mm
Min. stack height 5 mm
Max. stack height 100 mm
Max. cycles per minute 24
Arch width Arch height
260 mm 180, 260 mm
Band widths 30 mm
Air supply 6 bar

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