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2018 Muller Martini Presto II Digital Roll Feed Saddle Stitching Line w/ MBO Unwinder, Sheeter, and Folder – 102220075930

Digital Processing Systems

One (1) MBO-DIGITAL UW 52/520 Unwinder
The UW 520 is a digital unwinding machine featuring dancer-controlled web tension and a center driven servo motor. It comes equipped with an electric paper lift, an integrated splice table, as well as a de-curling device making it easy to operate and quick to set-up. This machine is designed to be integrated into any digital printing or web finishing line.
Integral web guide included with brackets and electrical accessories
Core shaft with pneumatic bladder to secure roll core to shaft
Electric Paper lift
Variable or constant web tension capability
Fast web change splice table
Integrated de-curling device
Robust chain drive
Technical Specifications
Roll Diameter Max. 1320mm (52”)
Web Width Min. 150mm (6”)
Web Width Max. 520mm (20.5”)
Production Speed Max 300mpm (990fpm)
Paper Stock Min. 40 gr/m2
Paper Stock Max. 250 gr/m2
Air Pressure requirement 6 bar (98 PSI)
Power Requirements 3 PH, 400VAC, 50-60Hz, 32A

One (1) MBO DIGITAL SVC 525 C Digital High-End Sheeter

The SVC 525 C is a core component in MBO’s state-of-the-art digital web finishing systems. This servo driven sheeter is engineered to provide high quality precision cuts for a broad range of production demands. The SVC line also features a convenient touchscreen control which allows the operator to set changes in the format without making adjustments to the mechanical components. As with all MBO finishing modules, the SVC 525 C’s robust components are built to withstand continuous use in a 24/7 commercial print environment.

  1. Touch screen user interface
  2. Air supported paper flow
  3. Sheet format recognition
  4. VSN kit: chip-out remover
  5. Infeed with web tension
  6. Variable format length from 5” to 80” cutoff
  7. Transformer included for US 480 V to 400 V
  8. Interface connection to inline components (IFF)
  9. Elevation to match the stitcher line application
  10. Technical Specifications
  • Format sizes with chip-out: 5″ – 80″ (127 mm – 1016 mm)
  • Format sizes without chip-out: 3″ – 80″ (76 mm – 1016 mm)
  • Chip out size: 3/16″ – up to 3 1/8″ (4 mm – up to 80 mm)
  • Web with max: 20”


The DFT 560 DIGI-Folder is a module capable of making high speed buckle folds in line with the sheeter and stitcher system. The folder can take any sheet length from the sheeter and fold it using up to 4 plates as a preparation for the stitcher. A4 and A5 formats are available using any cutoff length needed to provide the correct imposition and page count. This allows the finishing line to run significantly faster than using standard 4 page input.

The selective fold plate capability allows larger page count signature folding prior to the stitcher, while still allowing a minimum of 4 page jumps for the A4 family of products on the stitcher output.

  1. MC control
  2. SELECTIVE Fold plate capability, on the fly
  3. Non-marking vacuum register table
  4. Anti-static lattice alignment table
  5. (4) four buckle plates with swing deflector
  6. Through sheet stops in first buckle plate
  7. Low maintenance and low noise belt drive
  8. Quick exchange slitter shafts
  9. Scoring, perforating, and cutting device
  10. SSC slitter shaft cassette for single rear slitter shafts
  11. Superscore tooling included
  12. Speed synchronization
  13. DFT Interface AI-DFT-Xs421
  14. Technical Specifications
  • Running Direction: right to left
  • Standard Sheet Length: 800mm (31-1/2”)
  • Optional Sheet Length : 1260mm (49-5/8”)
  • Sheet Width Min.: 150mm (6”)
  • Sheet Width Max.: 560mm (22”)
  • Infeed Height: 1065mm (41-7/8”)
  • Outfeed Height After Parallel Fold: 980mm (38-5/8”)
  • Speed Min.: 10 mpm (394fpm)
  • Speed Max.: 230 mpm (9055fpm)

One (1) H+H 407-20” cross carrier

The 407 is a cross carrier table used primarily for product alignment and speed match. In this arrangement the table is used to align the folded or non-folded sheets to the plow section of the stitcher. The table furthermore matches the sheet speed for maximum production. The high-speed guide allows for superior alignment accuracy during production. This machine is independently driven and has an independent self-control.

  1. Special height to match the stitcher infeed (1035 mm)
  2. Self-control capability
  3. High-Speed-Guides on left side
  4. Working width: 20”

Plow Folder Unit, consisting of:

  • ASIR camera
  • Intermediate element
  • Universal base
  • Collating unit
  • Connection to saddle stitcher Presto II
  • Product placed first down on the chain

1 Single handfeed station with swords and gathering chain

1528 Folder Feeder

Folder feeder 1528 to Presto II, consisting of:

  • Gathering chain
  • Operating unit HMI
  • Misfeed control monitors feeding
  • Assisted feeder timing
  • Minimum level control
  • Vulcanized squeeze roller
  • Two (2) scoring wheels (standard and tWin Score)

ASIR 3 (Automatic Signature Image Recognition) for 1528 folder feeder to Presto II, consisting of:

  • One (1) sensor for barcode 128C and image recognition
  • Interface wiring
  • Operating software

1550 Compressors

Electrical control box per machine for max. 6 PV-pumps.

Range of application:

– 3x 200-460V, 50-60Hz for DVT 3.100, KVT 3.100 and KVT 3.140

Vacuum pump KVT 3.100

Compressor KDT 3.100 (1.5 bar)

1550 Presto II Stitching Machine

Stitching machine Presto II including:

  • Automated gathering chain timing
  • Electric line shaft connection to 1565
  • Standard length monitor and staple control
  • Pluggable wire connections between feeders and trimmer
  • Reject tray for incomplete copies

Remote control to Presto II

Control panel to Presto II touch-screen-operating, setup assistant

Side thickness measurement Semko to Presto II

Stitching head HK 75Q Quick-Setup staple 12 mm

Centering roller fix diameter = 22 mm for stitching head

-Ability to stitch more pages. Performance Plus allows you to use a smaller wire diameter without sacrificing the strength of a larger wire.

-Smaller wire diameters help reduce stacking height.

-Small wire diameters yield more stitches per spool.

-Ideal for loop or saddle stitching applications.

-One wire size for multiple number of jobs to simplify your operation.

-Better bending and forming characteristics.

-Electro galvanized finish.

-Consistent tensile strength. Consistent wire size. Consistent and uniform coating.

-Trouble free de-spooling and low maintenance.

-Can be used with most standard de-spoolers.

De-spooler for 35 or 70 lbs. Performance Plus Wire

1565 Three Knife Trimmer

Three-knife-trimmer 1565 for 1550 Presto II, consisting of:

    • Cutting sequence: front cut – head and foot cut
    • Automated yoke timing
    • Controlled 6 bar trim blow down
    • Safety guards

Set of steel knives

1564 Belt Delivery for 1550 Presto II

Shingle delivery 1564 to Presto II and Primera, with gap compensation, lateral separation of the shingle stream and variable drive

Busch Waste Conveyor

Busch Waste Conveyor System includes:

  1. HF 35 conveyor transfer trim waste into

(1) KF 145-600 conveyor which drops trim waste into waste bin. 

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