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2018 Duplo DBM iSaddle Booklet Making System w/ Trimmer, Saddle Stitcher, Sheet Feeder, DSF-6000, and Conveyor – 103123323001B

Duplo DKT-K Trimmer
S/N: 180400097

Duplo DBM-LSW Conveyor
S/N: 190100168

Duplo DKT-200 Two Knife Trimmer
S/N: 180600040

Duplo DBMS-T Saddle Stitcher
S/N: 171100166

Duplo DBMS-F2
S/N: 171000125

Duplo DSF-CFL Sheet Feeder 
S/N: 171000365

Duplo DSF-6000 w/ I/F Box
S/N: 180300370

No. of Ejection: 730740
Start Count: 14484

Count: 700,000 Cycles

The precise and user friendly DBMi Saddle Multi System provides a large variety of book formats, including the increasing popular A4 landscape size right down to formats as small as 90mm×75mm. The system also can produce unique Multi-sized booklets and differntiated from simple booklets. The DBMi Saddle Stitcher will allow any novice to be turned into a print finishing professional.

The DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder handles the output from your digital presses for on demand bookletmaking. Similar to its higher-end counterpart, the DSF-6000, the DSF-2200 utilizes Duplo’s patented technology to provide a constant and steady supply of air and suction up to 200 sheets per minute. Front/side air separation and an anti-static device minimize the effects of static commonly seen in digitally printed media and the optional barcode reader helps process variable data with integrity.


  • High resolution sensors for double feed detection
  • Two air suction bins with built-in end mark reader
  • Air management system for fine tune adjustments
  • Configuration with DBM-600/350/150 Bookletmaker and iSaddle 5.0
SPEED Up to 200 sheets per minute
BIN CAPACITY Tray A 2.56″, Tray B 7.87″
INPUT PAPER SIZE 4.13″ x 7.87″ to 14.02″ x 20″
OPTIONS Barcode kit, Extension tray, Pre-loading kit, Trail edge air kit

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