2018 AP In-Motion Checkweighers AP22 Drop Bed Scan Station SS – 020723132062D

Established in 1994, AP Dataweigh, Inc. is a checkweigher manufacturer offering a complete line of custom-built, dynamic checkweighers capable of addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and industrial product markets. We provide custom solutions to regulation compliance, quantity verification, weight sorting, missing component inspection and out-of-tolerance checkweighing. AP In-Motion Checkweighers are built to customer specification and designed to integrate into a number of applications including logistics and distribution, consumer packaging, material handling and food processing. We distinguish ourselves by making what customers need instead of trying to sell what we make – a subtle distinction, but one which we feel makes all the difference.

The AP-2 Checkweigher is the most versatile unit on the product line. With one, two or three-bed configurations, the AP-2 can checkweigh 1 lb. pouches to 25 lbs. boxes. Features such as the 60-second, push-button calibration make the all-purpose AP-2 simple to use.

Model: AP22 Drop Bed Scan Station SS

S/N: 18030861


  • Stainless Steel IP65 Enclosure
  • Password Protected Parameter Menu
  • 4 Programmable RS-232 Comm. Ports
  • 4 – I/O Modules (Expandable to 128)
  • Full digital Front Panel Calibration
  • Bright Operator Prompting LCD Display (665)
  • Software Based operating system
  • I/O Timer 10 ms
  • 3 Zone Under/Over/Accept
  • Select Display Units in g, lbs, oz, kg


  • Up to 100 products per minute
  • Up to 2 gram accuracy
  • Built-in Auto Zero
  • Choice of Belts Nominal belt height
  • Packages up to 12” L
  • 60-second Calibration
  • Customized sizes to fit your conveyor line

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