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2017 JBI BB50 High Speed Semi-Automatic Wire-O Binder – 011023132001D

Model: BB50
S/N: 73

The BB50/H (hanger capabilities) is a solid, efficient machine designed to produce perfectly bound books and calendars time and time again. Combining a high output with the versatility to accommodate sheet sizes from 5cm up to 50cm, the BB50/H is capable of binding up to 1,200 documents per hour depending on operator skill, production organization and book format. The BB50/H automatically binds hand fed pre-punched documents. Size, pitch and format changes are quick through an user friendly touch key pad.

The BB50 & BB50H with a calendar hanger former & dispenser module are heavy duty production efficient Wire-O® binders designed to produce perfectly bound books and calendars all day long.

Combining speed and the versatility, it can bind hand fed pre-punched documents with punched edge ranging from 50 to 500mm and up to 22mm thick with a true output of up to 1,000 documents / hour.

It allows multi-skip binding.

The BB50 & BB50H are the reference world wide for all round Wire-O® binding with its unique patented closing mechanism and shaped closing tools for each wire size.

Versatile & effective solution for quality Wire-O® binding

  • Binding width : up to 500mm (13.75″)
  • Binding thickness : up to 22mm
  • Mechanical speed  : up to 1,200 cycles / hour

All binding machine outputs are based on 80gsm plain paper and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organization.


Wire-O-Sizes: 3 :1 – 3/16 → 9/16 (n°3 → 9) 2 :1 – 5/8 → 1″ (n°10 → 16)

Binding Length: 3:1 : max 60 – min 4 2:1 : max 41 – min 4

Book Thickness: 3mm to 22mm

Output: 600/1200 per hour

Hanger Lengths: 76mm → 400mm

Hanger Styles: N° 3 & 4

Dimensions: 1..50 (W/L/B) x 1.10 (D/P/T) x 1..40m (H/a)

Nett Weight: 346 kg

Spool Unwind Unit: 0.50 (W/L/B) x 0.70(D/P/T) x 1.21m(H/a)

Air Supply: 5.52 bar (80 psi) / 410L/mn

Voltage: 110/120 V (60 Hz), 200/240 V (50 Hz) – 1 ph