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2017 Duplo DBM 20-Bin Booklet Making System w/ Saddle Stitcher, Stacker, and Trimmer – 080823266008A

Model: Duplo DBM-LSW
S/N: 170400487

Model: Duplo DKT-K
S/N: 170300043

Model: DKT-200 2-Knife Trimmer
S/N: 170400142

Model: Duplo DBMS-T Saddle Stitcher
S/N: 170900973

Model: Duplo DBMS-S Saddle Stitcher
S/N: 170900103

Model: Duplo DBMS-F2
S/N: 170300058

Model: Duplo LUL-HM Lifting Unit
S/N: 120600029

Model: Duplo DSC-10/60 Collating Tower
S/N: 120700813

Model: Duplo Bridge
S/N: 120800324

Model: DSC-10/60 Collating Tower
S/N: 120700812

Model: Duplo LUR
S/N: 151001551

Model: Duplo DBM-400STR Stacker
S/N: 170400991

DKT-200 is located after the DBM-600T or DBMS-T5. As soon as the foredge has been trimmed, the DKT-200 trims the top and bottom margins to provide three knife trimming. The optional Gutter cut enables to increase its production and produce varying types of finish.

Trimming capacity Process Speed
60sheets 5,050sets/h

The precise and user friendly DBMi Saddle Multi System provides a large variety of book formats, including the increasing popular A4 landscape size right down to formats as small as 90mm×75mm. The system also can produce unique Multi-sized booklets and differntiated from simple booklets. The DBMi Saddle Stitcher will allow any novice to be turned into a print finishing professional.

Paper size Type of stitching Process Speed
A4LS Saddle stitch 5,050sets/h

Duplo’s long history Air Suction Collator further advanced with LED light communicating system to inform operator of the machine status quickly and visually. Blue LED light indicates when error happening. White LED lights up for visibility of loaded paper. Green/Red LED indicate to check running condition even from long distance. DSC-10/60iL is an ideal machine for every operator with its 10,000 sets/hour high speed processing and user friendliness.

The number of bins Units connectable Process Speed
10 bins/tower 6 towers 10,000sets/h