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2017 Cron-ECRM HDI High Definition Digital Flexo Imager – 090723265001A

Model: HDI-920S
S/N: FX017P611118Z

CRON’s competitively priced, ground-breaking HDI prepress solutions are designed to support the needs of today’s packaging converters, delivering superior quality output and maximum efficiency for a wide range of flexible packaging and label applications.

CRON’s competitively priced HDI solutions are a game changer. Now plate production can be brought in-house, significantly reducing plate costs and drastically lowering lead times. Available in three different models, CRON HDI products benefit from more than 25 years of technological development and come as a complete package, with integrated ablation dust filter system and an open TIFF interface that accepts files from all leading design and workflow systems.

The new HDI Flexo H+ series models feature high power lasers that deliver almost double the production speed of previous models, and can achieve resolutions up to 9600 dpi. This makes CRON H+ models ideal for fine labelling and packaging work.

The CRON HDI Flexo 920 is a highly flexible CTP for small and medium formats such as label printing, paper cups and cartons. The HDI Flexo 920 offers superior quality, high productivity and cost efficiency on a very compact footprint, making it a smart choice for all packaging converters.

The HDI Flexo 920 features a slide-back lid for easy, semi-automated loading of thermal film, digital polyester-back flexo and letterpress plates, and a head and tail clamp to facilitate reliable imaging onto thermal offset plates and dry offset metal-back plates. With an open 1-bit TIFF interface compatible with almost all third-party software solutions, the HDI Flexo 920 is an excellent low-cost solution for high-quality plate production.

Four models are available with Imaging Resolutions ranging from 2400 to 9600 dpi and speeds up to 4.6 square metres per hour, (dependent on plate sensitivity) offering a vast range of options suitable for all packaging applications.


  • Max Size: 920 x 675 mm (36 x 26.5 inch)
  • Min Size: 100 x 130 mm (3.9 x 5.1 inch)
  • Plate Loading: Manual mounting, Auto loading
  • Resolution:
    • 2000/4000dpi (Upgradeable 8000 dpi)
    •  – 2400/4800dpi (Upgradeable 9600 dpi)
    •  – 2540/5080dpi
  • Speed:
    • 2400 dpi 2.99 m2/h
    • 4800 dpi 3.05 m2/h
    • 9600 dpi 1.53 m2/h
  • Speed (Offset Plate):About 27 sheets per hour (510 x 400 mm)
    • 2400dpi
  • Plate Type: Digital flexo plate, Letterpress, Ablative Film | (Thermal Offset Plate)
  • Plate Thickness: 0.11 mm ~ 3.94 mm | (0.11 mm ~ 0.30 mm)
  • Power Supply: Single phase 220V +- 5% 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 5.6 Kw
  • Dimension: 1650 x 1300 x 1100 mm (W x L x H)
  • Environment: 18~28℃; RH: 40%~60%

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