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2007 Anajet mP10i iSeries Direct to Garment Printer – 110221121730

S/N: T6322

Enhanced Performance & Stability
Next generation Maintenance Station
Re-engineered capping mechanism for improved seal with print heads
Redesigned wiper blade armature now moves up and down rather than side to side for smoother, faster operation
Ink Splash & Overspray Control
Added covers for internal circuit boards
Clear coated print head circuit boards
Incorporated 2 fans into back panel to draw ink particles away from critical internal components
Power supply casing redesigned to direct airflow externally
Relocated encoder strip to minimize ink contamination

New and Improved Design

Relocated control panel from printer lid to ink bay for easier operation during maintenance
New handle added for safer opening of printer lid
Front panel finish that reduces visible finger prints and smudges
Easy to clean coating on outer shell

Updated Software Features

New network enabled features
Ethernet connection to make the mPower networkable
Multiple printer support
RIP Automation Features
AutoRIP designate hot folder(s) on your computer, when new graphic files arrive in these folders, AnaRIP will automatically RIP graphics with no user interaction required.
New ICC Profile for improved ink saturation and smoother gradients.

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