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2016 AIE-1818L Deluxe Superior L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap System – 042122002019A

The AIE line of L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Systems provides the user the ability to wrap products giving a factory-fresh clean look and feel. These L-Bar systems can create packages that are free of dust, moisture and fingerprints regardless of shape. Discourage tampering and shoplifting.

Model: AIE-1818 L (S/N: 201601023)

Model: AIE-R18 L (S/N: 201507056)

1. Cuts and seals sgarp, clean and extremely fast.
2. Built in timer.
3. All steel construction for heavy duty use.
4. Adjustable film dispenser rack with bearing rollers.
5. Twin perforating hole punchers and film guides.
6. Film separator and work table.
Max. Seal Length : 18 x 18 inches
Dimensions : 25″x22″x8.5″
Voltage : 110 V
Watts : 1000 W
Weight : 61+34 lbs
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