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2015 Muller Martini Presto II Variable Thickness Digital Saddle Stitcher w/ Auto-Setup Pile Feed Paper Folder, Delivery Conveyor, and Trimmer – 021023134065D

Presto II Digital

2015 Shingle Delivery Model 1564.0400 (S/N: 2266429/MMMC20150605P10F)

2015 Trimmer Model 1565.0404 (S/N: 2266429/MMMC20150605p10F)

2015 Stitching Machine Model 1550.0409 (S/N: 2266429/MMMC20150605p10F)

2013 MBO Pile Feeder Type T535E-1-53/4-F (S/N: 11 10 70 13 03 03)

2014 Herzog + Heymann Conveyor 407-HSG-52 (S/N: 12 90 23 14 08 01)

2015 Flow Folder B252.0402 (S/N: MMZO 3000 333)

1550 Presto II Stitching Machine

Stitching machine Presto II including:

  • Automated gathering chain timing
  • Electric line shaft connection to 1565
  • Standard length monitor and staple control
  • Pluggable wire connections between feeders and trimmer
  • Reject tray for incomplete copies

Remote control to Presto II

Control panel to Presto II touch-screen-operating, setup assistant

Side thickness measurement Semko to Presto II

Stitching head HK 75Q Quick-Setup staple 12 mm

Centering roller fix diameter = 22 mm for stitching head

-Ability to stitch more pages. Performance Plus allows you to use a smaller wire diameter without sacrificing the strength of a larger wire.

-Smaller wire diameters help reduce stacking height.

-Small wire diameters yield more stitches per spool.

-Ideal for loop or saddle stitching applications.

-One wire size for multiple number of jobs to simplify your operation.

-Better bending and forming characteristics.

-Electro galvanized finish.

-Consistent tensile strength. Consistent wire size. Consistent and uniform coating.

-Trouble free de-spooling and low maintenance.

-Can be used with most standard de-spoolers.

One (1) H+H 407-20” cross carrier

The 407 is a cross carrier table used primarily for product alignment and speed match. In this arrangement the table is used to align the folded or non-folded sheets to the plow section of the stitcher. The table furthermore matches the sheet speed for maximum production. The high-speed guide allows for superior alignment accuracy during production. This machine is independently driven and has an independent self-control.

  1. Special height to match the stitcher infeed (1035 mm)
  2. Self-control capability
  3. High-Speed-Guides on left side
  4. Working width: 20”

2007 Gardner Denver KLT 40 Air Compressor

2013 Becker DVF 3.50 Air Compressor

1565 Three Knife Trimmer

Three-knife-trimmer 1565 for 1550 Presto II, consisting of:

    • Cutting sequence: front cut – head and foot cut
    • Automated yoke timing
    • Controlled 6 bar trim blow down
    • Safety guards


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