Fotoba Cutter System

Description Versatile X/Y cutter with high cut accuracy.
Compensation Self-squaring to the edge of the image (X)
Sensor Automatic tracking and realignment to the image (Y)
Automatic Automatic scanning of cut marks made with RIP software
Versatility Adjustable cuts of media lengths and quantity
Substrates Up to 40 mil thick
Memory Memory channels to store different cut marks
Blades Self-sharpening blade system
Accuracy ±1 mm (0.04″)
Loading Auto-grip for easy loading of media
Cutting Horizontal, vertical, left and right single slitters included
Motor Mechanism controlled by stepper motors

Cutter Options

Double slitters Double slitters, 0.315″ (8 mm) between slitters (fixed)
Adjustable slitters Adjustable double slitters from 0.315″ (8 mm) between slitters to maximum working width
Single slitters Extra single slitter left and right
Stacking Optional stacking tray available

General Cutter Specifications

Media width 67” maximum media width, 11” minimum media width
Media length 4” minimum media length
Size main engine 110” W x 36” D x 44” H
Unit weight 650 lbs.
Maximum linear speed 50” per minute
Electrical requirements 110V
Air requirements 60 psi