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2015 Cron ECRM Computer to Plate System w/ Rip Computer and Auto Loader – 122122127012A

Auto Loader Needs Serviced

CRON CTP system is a set of integrated solutions for pre-press systems. It is composed of five parts including plate loading, laser plate imaging, bridge, plate processing, and plate collection. Each part has its unique upgrade scheme and exclusive one man operation mode. Combined with CRONY workflow software independently developed by CRON, you can easily experience the full-automatic production process. Together with diversified modules, just one labor is enough to complete the entire process. With the full set of color management systems customized by CRON Color Management Team for your machine, your entire production process will be completely digitalized. At this time, you will be able to experience the surprise of transferring pictures from the memory card of camera to your hands without any loss in 14 minutes and 30 seconds!

CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems range from a 2-up format to VLF format. The amount of diodes you choose will get you the speed you need. CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems support all of the popular thermal plates available on the market today. CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems support plates from 9.5′′ x 12.6′′ (240 x 320mm) through 50.75′′ x 65.75′′ (1290 x 1670mm) and system configurations from 16 to 96 Diodes. No matter what your level of automation requirements are, CRON-ECRM has the solution. From a manual input with exit bridge configuration to a multi-plate autoloader with exit turntable and punch unit, the CRON-ECRM Thermal CTP systems will produce press-ready plates.

Model: AL46-50M3 (S/N: AL4601508039)
Model: BGP-46-D4 (S/N: BGP015P809062-D4)
Model: UVP-4664G (S/N: UV014P809262Z)

Advantages at a glance

• Max. Plate Size: 45.67” x 37.0”
• Resolution: 2400 / 2540 / 2800 DPI
• Most Compact Footprint on the Market
• Up to 55 PPH (2400 DPI / 29.33” Width)
• Fast, Stable and Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain
• Stand-alone or In-line with Autoloader, Bridge and Processor
• System Includes: Built-in Vacuum System, Dual Dynamic Balance System, Magnetic Leviation, V-shaped High Accuracy Guide Rail, Drum Anti-air-leak Technology
• Unique Switching Between UV and Thermal Mode


Model 46H/46G+

Plate Size Max.: 1160 x 960mm
Plate Size Min.: 280 x 280mm
Laser Channel: 16 to 128
Productivity (2,400 dpi): 9 to 45 (SM102 Size)
Imaging Resolution: 2400, 2540 and 2800dpi
Laser Wavelength: 405nm
FM Screening and Hybrid AM/FM Screening: Supported
Dot Recovery: 1-99%, plate dependent
Registration Accuracy: 0.01mm
Positioning System: Automatic positioning, high resolution 3-point method
Air-Cooling and Purifying System: Built in
Vacuum System: Built in
Automatic plate-loading system Maximum plate amount inside autoloader: H Model: Built-in, G+: Optional Autoloaders H: Up to 100 plates (0.15mm) and slipsheets G+: Single and Multi-Cassette Autoloaders (optional)
Machine dimensions (W x L x H): H: 1900 x 1220 x 1100mm G+: 1900 x 1100 x 1150mm
Machine net weight: H: 1280 Kgs G+: 1240 Kgs
Power: (2) Single-phase 220 – 250VAC 30 Amp

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