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2015 Challenge Champion 305 TC 30.5″ Paper Cutter – 051623202001A

Model: CMC-214J
S/N: 305-J-151001

Knife Count: 2,839
Lube Count: 2,049
Machine Count: 8,251

Features of the 305 TC Challenge Cutter

  • Cutting width: 30 ½ inches
  • Cutting height: 4 inches (3 ¾ inches with false clamp plate)
  • Minimum cut: ¾ inches (2 inches with false clamp plate)
  • Maximum cut depth: 30 ½ inches
  • Table space in front of cutting blade: 25 inches
  • Table space behind cutting knife: 30 ½ inches
  • Hydraulic controls and clamping
  • Low-pressure pre-clamping
  • High memory capacity; can program up to 99 jobs (9,801 total cut position storage)
  • Manual or powered back gauge adjustment
  • Air table
  • Digital hand wheel
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Optional side tables
The Champion 305TC Challenge Paper Cutter features automatic hydraulic power and guarantees accurate cutting results.

Description of the Champion 305TC Challenge Paper Cutter

For over a century Challenge cutters have been known for their superior quality and reliable performance. Like all Challenge cutters, the 305 TC is engineered with user safety in mind. A light beam safety curtain, a soft power pre-clamp that’s controlled with an enclosed foot pedal, and an enclosed rear table are just a few of the reasons why the 305 TC exceeds all ANSI (American National Standards Institute) safety standards. There is also the two handed timed cut button which requires continuous, simultaneous action by the user in order to complete the cut cycle, providing additional protection.

Programmable cutting was introduced by Challenge more than 45 years ago and the TC control system on the Champion 305 continues that tradition. Its 10.5 color touch screen features a simple to use layout with 2 screens to display job programming data. It accepts metric and English data, even fractions which are automatically converted to decimals. Auto programming features like label cutting and sheet division, along with repeat and loop commands help simplify job creation. There’s also a convenient USB port for thumb drive data entry.

Manufactured in the USA and featuring cast iron and steel construction, the Champion 305 TC is not only a wise investment now but will continue to save your business money for years to come thanks to its dependable performance and low maintenance requirements.


  • Great versatility – 30.5 inch maximum cutting depth and minimum cut of ¾ inches
  • Storage space underneath the machine and optional side tables.
  • Very generous amount of table space, even more so with the side tables.

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