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2015 Alfamacchine Minigraph 4 Underpinner Frame Stapler – 012023132032D

S/N: 65905

  • Pneumatic actuation.
  • 5,7,10,12,15 mm staples are used.
  • The maximum width of the frames that can be joined 130 mm.
  • The maximum height of the frames that can be joined 100 mm.
  • Nominal working pressure 4-6 atmospheres, maximum 8 atmospheres.
  • Movable joint head, the corner to be framed remains fixed on the table, so a corner can be joined with a single grip, regardless of the number of joint points on the corner.
  • The quality of the jointed corners is impeccable.
  • Very high productivity.
  • High reliability.
  • Fixing the sides of the frame on the table very good, the fixing punch on top is operated by two pistons!
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