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2014 Polar LW 1200 Automatic Stack Lift – 042920095110

2014 Polar LW 1200 Automatic Stack Lift

S/N 8470027

Stack Lift Description

The POLAR Stack Lift LW 1200-4 lift is predominantly employed for handling the medium-size format. Since the material to be cut is lifted automatically, the operator loads the material into the jogger or directly into the cutting machine at an ergonomic height. The lift can also be used for stacking the material. In this case the lift is lowered semi-automatically. This means that the procedure is started manually, but stopped automatically by the light barrier. As it is not necessary to anchor POLAR Stack Lift to the floor they can be easily rearranged.

Customer benefits
Increases the efficiency of the cutting machine by up to 10%, because working height remains constant throughout loading and unloading procedures
Lifting heavy loads is reduced to a minimum
Operator’s productivity curve remains constant
Substantial reduction of occupational diseases

Pallet size, max. 800 × 1,200 mm 31.50 × 47.24 in
Size of platform 840 × 1,270 mm 33.07 × 50.00 in
Stroke, max. 850 mm 33.46 in
Carrying capacity, max. 1,200 kg 2,646 lbs

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