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2014 Photostory Book Block Production Heating and Pressure Sets – 021323144004A

2014 Photo Book Machine Registration Number: 004/2014

2014 Photo Book Machine Model YPNEPRE002 Registration Number: 009/2014

Heating Set Horizontal

Our Photostory Heating Sets are part of the book block production process that binds our Easysheets with your prints. Simply place your book block into the Heating Sets and the proper temperature activates the infused dry glue of the Easysheets. The Heating Sets will support book block sizes up to 20”x20” and is designed in to be modular and can be stacked together to support higher production levels.


  • DIMENSIONS:  31.5” (L) x 45.25” (W) x 74.8” (H) without Box
    37.4” (L) x 51” (W) x 82.6” (H) with Box
  • WEIGHT: 674 lbs without Box
    762 lbs with Box

Pressure Set