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2014 FujiFilm J720S Sheetfed Inkjet Digital Press – 048029

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Over the last six to seven years, inkjet deposition technology has evolved to such an extent that single pass printheads are able to deposit ink at the higher speeds and quality levels required by the most discerning consumers of commercial work have now become a commercial reality. It is these printheads, combined with sophisticated control systems, ink and paper handling technologies, that are now set to ignite a revolution in commercial print. Digital printing in the commercial print market has come a long way in the last twenty years, with toner-based technologies having had the most success in delivering high quality, on demand print. Despite this success, however, the majority of commercial print is still produced using traditional offset presses.


Model: JP720F (S/N: 46480128)

Model: EX-720F (S/N: 46480128)

Printing-head: FUJIFILM Dimatix SAMBA™ print bars (x4)

Colors: 4 color, CMYK printing

Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 4 level grayscale

Productivity: Up to 2700 B2 sheets per hour (static and variable jobs)

Workflow: XMF v5.5 or later or a third party workflow with XMF Processor

Variable data capability: Yes, thanks to a barcode (read and pull) system and ultra high capacity data transfer system

Sheet size: 15” x 21.3” to 20.9” x 29.5” (545 mm x 394 mm to 750 mm x 532 mm)

Printable Image Size: 20.24” x 28.86” (514 mm x 733.02 mm)

Weight/Thickness: Single Sided: 60 lb. text to 110 lb. cover/3 pt. to 14 pt. (.07 mm to .34 mm) Double Sided: 80 lb. text to 110 lb. cover/3 pt. – 14 pt. (.09 mm to .34 mm)

Type: Coated paper (matte, silk or gloss) and specified uncoated

Inks, Primer, Wash: VIVIDIA CMYK inks Rapid Coagulation Primer (RCP) Nozzle cleaning wash

Ink light fastness: The inks have been tested for light fastness to the blue wool scale, achieving a very good blue wool step 6 rating with respect to ISO 12040

Shelf life: 2 years under recommended warehouse conditions

Packaging: Inks, RCP and Wash in 10 liter packs

Dimensions: 26’ 4” (w) x 8’ 8” (d) x 6’ 9” (h)* * The height when cover is open is 7’ 6”

Space requirements: 40’ (L) x 16’6” (W) x 10’ (H) (12m (L) x 6m (W) x 3m (H)) including transformer and workflow RIP

Required weight bearing load: More than 3.13 lb/sq. in. (2.4 tons/sqm)

Power requirements: Main Press Unit: 3-phase 200 VAC, 310 Amp, 60 Hz Ancillary Components: Single-phase, 200 – 230 VAC, 100 Amp, 60 Hz

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