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2014 FOTOBA FHS42 PageWide Inline X/Y Cutter – 020923134061D

The cutter reads embedded crop marks in the length and width of each print and aligns its cutting blades to deliver highly accurate parallel trimming. With the Fotoba FHS42 PW Cutter, together with the ST42 stacker (optional) producing full-bleed posters, banners, and signage becomes a single-step inline process without operator intervention. As soon as prints come out of the system, they are fully finished and ready for final delivery.

The Fotoba FHS42 PW Cutter comes equipped with one horizontal and four vertical trimming blades so you can print multiple jobs upon a single sheet without sacrificing inline finishing productivity. You can also simplify your work by standardizing common media widths. The system’s inline trimming gives you the flexibility to produce any size job without having to stock multiple roll sizes and make frequent roll changes.

Model: FHS 42
S/N: 5004


  • Max cutting width: 106,7cm/42in.
  • Max cutting thickness: 0,5mm
  • Feeding speed: up to 22mt/min
  • X cutting accuracy: 1mm
  • Y cutting accuracy: 1mm
  • Net Weight: 250Kg
  • Gross Weight: 400Kg
  • Dimensions: 165x245x108h

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