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2014 Bell and Howell Enduro Mail Inserting System – 032723162003A

The Bell and Howell Enduro mail inserting system, designed around the same underlying gripper-arm technology that powers more than 10,000 inserters worldwide, is configurable with some of the fastest input feeders available on the market. combined with superior material control, machine efficiencies are increased. Finished mail integrity is completed by tracking each mail piece with every machine cycle. This provides immediate processing updates for every mail piece. The Bell and Howell Enduro mail inserter’s modular design allows for application flexibility, protecting your investment. the Enduro inserting system uses smart-grip (grip remember inform & pull) integrated intelligent learning technology. Through the intuitive user interface, operators can instantly activate the “teach” command instructing the gripper arm to read, remember and report the thickness of an insert to the operating system. as the job proceeds, all subsequent inserts are compared, immediately identifying all double pulls and misses. Using the Bell and Howell Enduro mail inserter, operators can choose to divert the mail piece, use insert station backup or pause the system for a physical quality inspection. smart grip is available with either pneumatic or standard gripper arms. benefits increased machine efficiencies increased inserter throughput potential for reduced labor costs mail piece integrity & security investment protection.

Mail Processing Machine
Model: Enduro VIP
S/N: 956588

Model: JETVision Platinum
Product ID: JV32121


Acceptable envelope sizes
-Minimum—6” x 3.5”
-Maximum—10”x 6.25”
-Flap depth—1” to 2.31”

Acceptable insert sizes
-Minimum—5.5” x 3”
-Maximum—9.5” x 6”
-Maximum thickness—0.125”

Input Processing Options
-Sheet Feeders—591, 598
-Cutters—310, 310 Stream, 380 Stream, 5410
-Reading—2/5-I, 3/9, Code128, ECC200, OCR, Intelligent Mail barcode
-Multi-channel input/matching capability
-PCS input channels
-Fold Options (Z, Half, Double Parallel and Letter)