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2013 VideoJet 4410 Commercial Addressing Inkjet System w/ Fusion UV Dryer – 041323162004A

Model: VJ1705
S/N: 1705UNA13148

Model: RF-1
S/N: 58345

Model: VJ7IBR-2
S/N: 7IBR13430

Model: VJ750
S/N: 75020413154

Model: VJ1612TB
S/N: 160020131584

Print System Features

Wide range of versatile, reliable options
• Interface easily with the Videojet BX6000 series, PrintPro, PrintMail WideArray and Excel® series printers, as well as a variety of other printing equipment
• Run a wide array of media sizes at speeds ranging from 30,000 up to 100,000 pieces per hour Vibration-free, superior media control
• Center vacuum belt and variety of accessories ensure minimum skew, slip and variation
• Highest possible print quality with virtually no vibration
• Improved product feeding and reduced vibration even at high speeds with innovative friction shuttle feeder
• Accurate image placement from shaft-mounted encoder

Print System Specifications

Product Specifications – 7000 Series Off-Line Friction
Transport Speed
Up to 760 fpm (230 mpm); actual speed will vary with product size
Production from 30,000 to 100,000 pieces per hour, depending on
media, options and accessories
Media Size Range
4814 Feeder
From 2 inches to 12 inches (5.1 to 30.5 cm) wide and 3 inches to 12
inches (7.6 to 30.5 cm) long; from .003 (.008 cm) to 1 inch (2.54 cm)
4815 Feeder
From 2.5 inches to 20 inches (5.1 to 50.8 cm) wide and 3 inches to 18
inches (7.6 to 45.7 cm) long; 2 inch (5.1 cm) length available with small
product wedge option; from .0025 (.0064 cm) to 1 inch (2.54 cm) thick
Media can consist of self-mailers, envelopes, glossy and plain single
sheets, corrugated stock, plastic cards and parts packaging
Printer Interface
Built-in encoder to interface directly with Videojet BX6000, PrintPro,
PrintMail WideArray, SR and Excel®
printers and with the Cheshire
System 4000; other special interfaces available
Temperature/Humidity Range
50°F – 90°F (10°C – 32°C); 15% to 90% relative humidity
Power Requirements
3 wire, single phase
240V 60 Hz@20 Amps and 220-240V 50 Hz@20 Amps
Also available in 208V 50/60 Hz option
33.5 inches wide by 68 inches long by 48 inches high
(85.1 cm W x 172.7 cm L x 121.9 cm H)
Table Height
37 inches (94 cm)
Approximate Weight
711 lbs. (320 kgs)

Low Level switch stops feeder when material runs low. Service Counter records total number of pieces through system. Cheshire Model 568 Conveyor in 6, 12 or 18 feet (1.8, 3.7 or 5.5 meter) lengths. 5-foot (1.5 m) base extension. Variety of optional back wedges to improve feeding of a wide variety of media. Feeder Sort Control creates gap between zip code or tray groups. Extended length (additional 24 inches / 62 cm) heat-resistant option.