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2013 Schmedt PräForm | Book Pressing and Joint-Setting Machine – 013023134037D

The PräForm is a book press and joint-setting machine. It is equipped with two light-metal pressing plates of 520 x 450 mm and with heated joint formers. The machine is factory-equipped with rounded (“bull-nose”) joint formers for gentle joint-setting especially for cellophaned and laminated papers as well as other binding materials such as cloth. Optionally, it may also be equipped with pointed or rectangular joint formers. The pressure of the joint formers is adjustable independent of the pressing plates by regulating the air pressure and may therefore be adapted to the binding material used and the joint depth required. The temperature of the joint formers is controlled by touchscreen and is set according to the requirements of glue, binding material and also working speed. A light-line helps to align the book for single books. For serial production, an adjustable back stop helps to speed up alignment. The pressing time may also be adjusted by touchscreen. After this period of time, the press opens automatically and the book can be taken out. Therefore, the working cycle can be adapted precisely to the casing-in speed, i. e. the PräForm is already open when the next book is to be inserted. This speeds up the working process considerably. The press may also be opened manually by push-button any time.

Typ: 21-50
S/N: 542

Cycle Count: 237,577


  1. After casing-in the book is placed on the bottom pressing plate with the joint lying on the joint former. The upper joint former is marked by a light line.
  2. When single (assorted) books are being produced, the top pressing plate can be lowered onto the book by foot-treadle to align the book with greater accuracy.
  3. For series production, the machine is equipped with a back stop which is adjusted to the book size. The stop is released by push-button, aligned according to the book width and fixed at the correct position by the push-button. All further books is pushed against the stop only and is aligned properly.
  4. After activating the pressing process by pressing the push-button “Close press”, the pressure of the joint formers is established when the pressing plates are already pressing. This ensures that upper and lower joint are pressed equally. Moreover, temperature, pressing time and pressure of the joint formers can be adapted to the product to obtain perfect results.
  5. After the preset pressing time, the machine opens automatically (or manually by pressing the push-button “Open press” and the pressed book can be removed. Usually it is then stacked to dry out and does not need any more pressing.
  6. All settings such as pressing time, pressure, temperature and automatic opening are edited via a touchscreen. External access is possible by built-in LAN port.
  7. Working speed and operation of the PräForm are matched for use with our PräLeg casing-in machine. Both machines can be operated by one person so that a high output can be achieved. However, the pressing of books cased-in manually is also possible.


The PräForm is based on the 2-way system, which means that two work steps, namely mechanical pressing and pneumatic fold firing, are carried out fully automatically one after the other – another work step is saved. The PräForm can be ideally adjusted to the casing-in machine so that work processes run smoothly. In addition, the PräForm guarantees optimum shaping of the book joints (the fold). Pressing pressure, pressing time and temperature can be adjusted individually, depending on the material. Straight and rounded books can be produced excellently. The whole thing is adjusted via the integrated touch screen, which has intuitive menu navigation. A fold can also be burned into special materials such as textiles, leather and fabrics.

Block height (mm): 100 – 520
Block thickness (in mm): 6,5 – 100
Block width (mm): 120 – 450
Depth (mm): 810
Height (in mm): 1470
Weight: 264 kgs
Width (in mm): 880
Output (pcs/h): 150
Output level: Level 2: 101 – 200 pcs/h
Format range
Block height (mm): 100 – 520
Block thickness (in mm): 6,5 – 100
Block width (mm): 120 – 450
Air pressure supply (bar): 6
Electric power: 2000 W
Power supply: 230-240 V / 50-60 Hz

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