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2013 Horizon BQ-470 4-Clamp Automated Perfect Binder w/ Nordson Pre-Melter – 081123273001B

Standard Horizon BQ-470 fully-automated four-clamp perfect binder fully-automated setup, is easy to operate with minimal operator training required. It produces up to 1,350 superior-quality perfect bound books per hour, with four clamps that travel on a vertical elliptical track. The BQ-470 binder’s 10.4” LCD touch-screen is used to provide stepper motor-controlled automation to the professional-quality mid-range binding market. The BQ-470 can bind books up to 2.5” thick, and interchangeable glue tanks support both EVA and PUR adhesives to meet varying customer requirements. The BQ-470 perfect binder fits a sweet spot in short-run professional-quality book production with full automation and touch-screen control. And the ability to swap-in a PUR glue tank lets the BQ-470 serve an even wider range of applications, including digital color books.

List Price: $142,000
S/N: 342005


● Fully automated set-up through the intuitive icon based LCD touchscreen.

● Customer replaceable glue tank unit for both EVA hotmelt and PUR hotmelt adhesives to meet varying customer requirements.

● Simplified and accurate changeover to produce professionally finished books.

● Equipped with two large application rollers for strong, high-quality binds and a separate side gluetank for added flexibility.

● Space-saving design with front operation and front maintenance.

● Book-binding up to 65 mm (2.55”) thickness.

● Easily operated by anyone in the bindery. Maximum cycle speed is 1,350 books per hour (EVA hotmelt glue).

● Ergonomic sliding windows provide easy, safe access and a clear view of operations.


Binding Mode: Binding with milling, Binding without milling and Padding
Number of Clamps: 4
Book Block Size (Top-Bottom x Fore-edge):
Max. 320 x 320 mm (12.59” x 12.59”)
Min. 145 x 105 mm (5.71” x 4.14”)
Book Thickness: 1 to 65 mm (0.040” to 2.560”) (The book thickness can be limited depending on the sheet weight, book size and milling depth.)
Cover Size (Top-Bottom x Fore-edge):
Max. 320 x 660 mm (12.59” x 25.98”)
(Up to 350 mm or 13.77” forwards from the clamp face.)
(Up to 310 mm or 12.20” backwards from the clamp face.)
Min. 135 x 225 mm (5.32” x 8.86”)
(Up to 115 mm or 4.53” forwards from the clamp face.)
(Up to 110 mm or 4.34” backwards from the clamp face.)
Cover Weight Range: Normal Paper 81.4 to 302.4 gsm
Coated Paper: 104.7 to 348.9 gsm
Cover Pile Height Max: 150 mm (5.9”)
Cycle Speed: Max. 1,350 cycles/hr. (EVA) / Max. 1,000 cycles/hr. (PUR)
Voltage / Frequency: 3-Phase 200 / 220 / 400 V, 50 / 60 Hz, The external transformer is necessary for 220 V / 400 V.
Machine Dimensions:
With delivery conveyor and milling blower duct: 3,620(W) x 2,240(D) x 2,000(H) mm (142.6” x 88.2” x 78.8”)
Without delivery conveyor and milling blower duct: 3,220(W) x 1,090(D) x 2,000(H) mm (126.8” x 43.0” x 78.8”)

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