2012 Pitney Bowes / BlueCrest MSE (ZX0C) 9 Station Inserter w/ MCS Falcon Inkjet System – 061024486001A

Pitney Bowes Mailstream Evolution Inserting System 12

Model: ZX0C

S/N: 0126783

The Mailstream Evolution (MSE) inserting system is a powerful mid-speed inserter, satisfying the needs of both transactional and direct mailers. It can easily shift from cut-sheet to continuous forms, switch between processing letters or flats, handle a wide range of envelope sizes, and support barcode scanning in a variety of different places

It combines efficient productivity, robust flexibility, and unparalleled accuracy to deliver high-performance results. With the Mailstream Evolution, you’re prepared to process a wide range of input, using a powerful platform.

Max Cycle Speed Tri-fold:  14,000 cycles per hour
Half-fold:  12,000 cycles per hour
Flats: 9,000 cycles per hour
Feeder Types Friction, rotary
Number of Feeders up to 24
Document Formats Cut sheet/continuous form, single, multi-stream

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