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2012 HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press w/ Lauda Cooler – 050922000151A

The HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press is a seven-color sheet-fed press for general commercial printers with higher top speeds and a greater application range than its predecessor, the HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press.

The press runs at 68 pages per minute (ppm) in standard color mode, 136 ppm for two-color jobs, and 272 ppm for mono jobs. The press also features Enhanced Productivity Mode for full color printing at 90 ppm.

To allow for greater versatility, the HP Indigo 5600 features a “One Shot” printing mode for use on synthetic substrates including PVC, PET, Teslin, and PC. This creates opportunities for print service providers to enter new markets requiring use of these specialty materials, such as the ability to create ID cards, membership cards, and gift cards. HP Indigo ElectroInk UV Red adds an extra layer of security to cards and other applications with print that can only be read under UV light. Additionally, new sensor technology supports printing on dark and transparent substrates, eliminating the need for backing paper.

Model: 5600 Digital Press

S/N: IL-32000180


  • Printing speed: 68 four-color 8.5 x 11 in pages per minute (two-up); 90 color 8.5 x 11 in pages per minute in EPM (two-up); 136 two-color 8.5 x 11 in pages per minute (two-up); 272 full monochrome 8.5 x 11 in pages per minute (two-up)
  • Image resolution: 812 dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)
  • Line screens: 144, 160, 175, 180, 210, 230 lpi
  • Sheet size: 13 x 19 in maximum
  • Image size: 12.48 x 17.7 in maximum
  • Paper weight*: Coated: 55 lb text to 130 lb cover; Uncoated: 40 lb text to 120 lb cover Thickness: 3 to 16 pt.
  • Feeder: Four drawers: Three drawers with 7 in depth each (1800 sheets of 80 lb text each) One special jobs drawer: 2.5 in (700 sheets of 80 lb text) A total of 6100 sheets of 80 lb text. All drawers support the full range of substrates.
  • Stacker:  Main stacking tray with 23.6 in stack height, supporting offset jogging (6100 sheets of 80 lb text) Proof tray with 2.36 in stack height (600 sheets of 80 lb text)
  • Print server (DFE): HP SmartStream Onboard Print Server
  • Press dimensions: Length: 155.5 in; Width: 89.8 in; Height: 81.7 in
  • Press weight: 5900 lb

HP Indigo ElectroInks

  • Standard 4-color printing: Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
  • HP IndiChrome 6-color printing: Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, and violet
  • HP IndiChrome Plus 7-color printing: Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, violet, and green
  • Special effect inks: Invisible red, light cyan, light magenta, white, digital matte
  • HP IndiChrome off-press spot inks: HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System (IMS) for spot color creation using CMYK as well as orange, violet, green, reflex blue, rhodamine red, bright yellow, and transparent.
  • PANTONE® colors: Supports PANTONE PLUS® , PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® , and PANTONE Goe™ HP Professional PANTONE Emulation Technology using CMYK on-press; HP IndiChrome on press; HP IndiChrome Plus on-press HP IndiChrome off press (IMS) for achieving up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range.


  • Expanded color capabilities: 5, 6, or 7 on-press ink stations; HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System
  • White ink kit: Enables use of white ink
  • Thick substrate kit: Supports paperboards up to 18 pt
  • One Shot process kit: Enables printing on synthetics using HP Indigo One Shot Color technology
  • Ultra thick substrate kit: Enables printing on opaque PVC materials up to 24 pt.
  • Print servers (DFEs): HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server; HP SmartStream Ultra Print Server; HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Server, Powered by Esko


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